With an inviting website, strong security options and a good reputation built up over several years, Alfafile can only be described as an insider tip among file hosters, as it cannot tie in with the influence and popularity of other services of a similar kind. Founded in 2014, the company from Scotland is still an underdog in the file hosting scene, but the few who are familiar with Alfafile have only good things to report.

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Creating an account with Alfafile is as easy as possible. Only an e-mail address and a valid password are required. To confirm only one captcha has to be solved. Many of Alfafile’s features are also accessible to unregistered users; basically there is only a clearly defined difference between free and premium users. Nevertheless, registration with Alfafile is recommended, not only because this is the only way to get a premium account, but also because of the many advantages, such as free cloud storage and the easy upload of your own files.

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Account plans

Alfafile can of course also be used anonymously without registration. Here, however, the user is subject to severe restrictions, as is also usual with other file hosters. For example, an unregistered user has no cloud storage or upload options, a free registered a meager 2 GB of usable monthly bandwidth, and an amazingly generous 3 TB of storage space. If you do not plan to upload data yourself, this may seem unimportant, but also regarding downloads, free users are strictly disadvantaged at Alfafile.

The alternative premium account, on the other hand, is very easy to purchase as long as you already have a standard account. Unlike the competition, there are four different account plans to choose from. All of them are the same in that they remove all limitations of normal accounts, such as advertising, captchas and throttled download speeds. This includes a complete recovery service for lost data and folders, as well as advanced options in the upload / download interface, such as copying, moving, direct downloading, torrenting and simultaneous downloading of multiple files.

Download speed limited to 1 Mb/sUnlimited download speed
No simultaneous downloadsUnlimited simultaneous downloads
Advertising is placed before downloadsNo advertising
No direct links or hotlinks to uploaded filesdirect links and hotlinks always verfügbar
Waiting time before downloadsNo waiting time
2 GB of monthly bandwidth (if registered)Up to 12 TB of monthly bandwidth
1TB of cloud storage (if registered)Up to 10TB of cloud storage
Maximum file size 2 GBMaximum file size 50 GB
Uploaded files are automatically deleted after 30 daysunlimited runtime for uploaded files


$15.30 days 1 TB bandwidth, 1 TB cloud storage, all of the above premium features
$35.90 days 3TB bandwidth, 1TB cloud storage, all the above premium features
$50180 days 6TB bandwidth, 5TB cloud storage, all the above premium features
$90365 days 12 TB bandwidth, 10 TB cloud storage, all the above premium features


Discounts are often available at the above prices. These are redeemed using special coupon codes. With so-called resellers, such a coupon and / or premium access can often be purchased at a reduced price away from

Upload und Download

Anonymous, unregistered users can only download files from Alfafile, and only as mirrors; direct links are reserved for registered premium users. For those who have all the features of the Alfafile control service, the upload and download process looks quite simple. Both remote and FTP uploads work without any separate accounts; simply enter the desired remote link or upload the file to the dedicated Alfafile server and you’re done. The standard web upload is just as fast and easy.

Payment methods

To unlock a premium account Alfafile supports a selected range of payment methods, including

  • VISA
  • Mastercards
  • Bitcoin

Additionally, one can optionally pay with the rather unknown Bitcoin-Fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or the online payment service PayLocally. The Japanese credit card organisation JCB, which is less widespread in this country, is also represented.


For maximum protection of any account data, an SSL encryption system is selectable for every user, even free registered ones. In addition, most of the data stored in the Alfafile network is also encrypted to protect against theft and hacking. The extremely large cloud storage, which even free users are entitled to, is also promoted by Alfafile as a practical backup mechanism.



Alfafile’s affiliate plan is quite simple and designed so that every user can join regardless of account type or budget without being disadvantaged. This plan follows the pay per sale system, so you earn money from’sales’ that are indirectly generated by downloading your own uploaded files. The rate is 50% and is the same for all affiliates.

In addition to this passive income at uploading and distributing own files, every affiliate gets a premium account for free. A referral program is also available; each affiliate earns up to 7% of the profit of their own referrals.


Alfafile has a support service integrated into the website, which is always accessible to all users through a tab. Premium users get priority support, but even unregistered anonymous users can easily contact email support through the attached Internet form.

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